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AU: Now that Derek can turn into a wolf, Stiles is taking every opportunity he can to make dog jokes

Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner screening in Toronto

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Three things cannot be long hidden:

The sun

The moon

And the amount of sexual tension between Stiles and Derek

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4x01 // 4x12

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For all intents and purposes, Derek is human in this scene. And yet, look at the way he protects Stiles from Liam. He puts himself in danger, fully knowing his strength and healing abilities are diminished, to keep Stiles safe. He restrains Liam’s arms, he’s physically turned his body so that Stiles his behind him, his shoulder is up as an extra barrier between Stiles and Liam’s claws. Even when Stiles gets the idea, we can see through the bars (in the 6th gif) that he’s trying to reach over Derek’s shoulder to get at Liam, but Derek pushes his shoulder up higher to keep Stiles away. And after Liam’s calmed down and Stiles says, “I got it,” Derek still keeps a hold of Liam’s wrist, not letting go until Liam is in full control. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t care about Stiles. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t consistently and knowingly put himself in danger to protect others. Tell me again how Derek doesn’t possessive the right abilities to be a good Alpha.

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Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.

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Anonymous said: i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


season 1 episode 1

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Don’t look at his mouth, Derek thinks. Don’t look at his mouth. Look at his shoulders inst—

No, don’t look at his shoulders. Look at his—his hands. No. Don’t look at his hands.

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